The whole point of starting this blog was to force me to practice writing.  Below is some of the more purposeful writing from this blog.

If you like what you read below, let me know.  If you don’t like it, let me know why not. Happy reading!

Creative writing

India – the perils of delegation

It was my and Cat’s turn.  We wrote a list (‘feed twenty-five tonight’), grabbed the red handles of the giant green canvas shopping bags and stepped off the truck.  The calls of ‘good luck!’ from our fellow travelers disappeared into the traffic.

Two white teenaged girls, one busy, grubby outdoor market in Jaipur, India.  What could possibly go wrong?  The oppressive monsoonal clouds and vague grumbles of thunder answered our question.

Sydney Morning Run

At 7.30am I looked at the clock. Too early. Sleepy. It’s Sunday morning.

At 9.30am I looked at the clock … sigh … I’d better get up and do my run.  Of course it was already waaaay too late by then.  Sydney was heating up – it would eventually reach 28C with 60% humidity.

The meeting

She crouched defensively, under shelter, peering out at the intruder.  The intruder contorted his body to get a better look.  He was tall and his joints creaked.  The slightest unconsidered movement from either would break the spell they had created.

More formal writing

Film Night with John Williams – review

What could be better than hearing the Boston Pops, conducted by John Williams, playing classic movie themes?

Williams was in fine form on Friday night at a packed Symphony Hall in Boston.  The performance, and the first half, started with The Cowboys Overture and over the next hour Williams led us through three pieces from Lincoln and onto Marion’s Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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