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Half Training Update – weeks 9-11

Yes, I’ve abandoned the blog for almost a month – sorry about that!  My excuse is I was working flat out and I put actually running ahead of writing about running.  I know, crazy.

Training update week 11

It’s now less than a week to go before the Run to Remember half marathon and I did my last long run on Sunday (12 miles – 19.3 km).  I averaged 5.46 min/km in 18C sunshine.  I hope that Sunday 7am will be a bit cooler than this – and if so, and if everything goes to plan I might be able to get around in 2 hours. I’m going to need to average 5.41 min/km to do that though…..

I practiced with GU fuel on this run…. and can I just say “yuck”!  As per instructions I had the strawberry banana flavour before I started running and it was pretty revolting.  I had the chocolate outrage flavour on the run and it was much tastier but then it gave me stomach ache. Doh.


Annnyway, since this is the fuel that will be provided during the race I’ll just have to cope. I’m thinking about packing a few Shot Bloks in case I screw up getting to the fuel table.

I also tried a new route at the weekend and it was excellent – so many water fountains!  I ran along the southern bank of the Charles from Harvard to the Museum of Science and back. It was a pretty nice run – a few tourists, dogs, kids, cyclists and other runners but it wasn’t ridiculous.  Also there were lots of wildlife…


The rest of week 11 was 3/5/3 miles – not much to report except I felt quite slow.

Training update week 10

It was 3/5/3/11 miles.   Not much to report except I finally got sick of the Minuteman trail with its worlds-supply of dads taking their kids for bike rides and getting in the way.

Training update week 9

This was a taper week so I did 3/5/3/6 miles.  I did my fastest 1 km this week – 5.01 minutes, and fastest 10 km – 55.11 mins.  Mind you, my Garmin was playing up on the 10 km run so I’m not 100% confident of the PR.  It reckoned I started in the middle of a house – also nowhere near where I actually started….


So I’ve got an easy week this week – 3/2/2 miles. I’ll try to drink lots of water, not eat too much crap (she says while munching on caramel popcorn…) and get enough sleep…

Finally, my thoughts are with everyone in Moore, OK after the insane tornado this afternoon.


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Half training week 8

I tried a bit harder this week to eat properly, get enough sleep and drink enough water – and actually complete the training plan.  Here’s how it turned out:


8km in 46:02 at 5:46/km


4.92km in 27:58 at 5:41/km


5km in 28:15 at 5:39/km


16.15km (10 miles) in 1:33:26  at 5.47/km

Also PR’d 10km again during the long run: 57.23.  My Achilles were pretty sore after Sunday’s run but they seem to have recovered today. Also I discovered that there is not a single working water fountain on that entire 10 mile route!  I may have to find a new route.

This week it’s 3/5/3 miles with a 10km race at the weekend…. but since there are no races nearby for me to enter I might just have my own personal race – I think I could knock a couple of minutes off my time.

I’m really enjoying the spring weather right now – if only it could be this beautiful all year round!

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Half training week 7

Last week was a bit of a wash-out for obvious reasons.  I was also given some new classes last week so I’ve been at work every day (but let’s face it, hardly “full-time”).

Anyway, I was supposed to do 3 ,5, 3, 9 miles this week and I nearly managed it. Here’s how it panned out:


5 miles (8 km) : 47.08 : 5.52 min/km

I felt extremely leaden doing this run.  Diagnosis: not enough water during the week, and not enough sleep (at least compared to my lady-of-leisure levels of sleep!).


4.31km : 25.01 : 5.48 min/km

Ooops, picked a route that wasn’t quite 5km…!


9 miles (14.6km) : 1:25:45 : 5.51 min/km

I was quite happy with the pace on this run but my legs were pretty sore at the end!  I trialled two new things on this run – sunglasses and shot bloks – both obtained from City Sports.

My new purchases!
My new purchases!

The sunnies worked extremely well – they are very light and there was no sliding, no soreness – just perfect.  Excellent result for $25.

I’ve never tried any running fuel before but I figured since I was running for more than an hour I should probably look into it.  The good news is Shot Bloks are cheap ($2 each?), tasty and light.  But they do say “always follow consumption with water” – and unfortunately the MinuteMan trail seems to be completely devoid of water fountains (bubblers in Boston-speak).  Grr.  So I just bit off small portions and sucked them. I used 2 bloks (as opposed to the recommended 3-6) on the run and they seemed to work ok but I think I’ll continue to experiment.  The half marathon supplies GU apparently.

In other running news I signed up for Garmin Connect on Lockdown Friday (as I couldn’t go out for a run).  I haven’t begun to explore all the features of this site but so far I’m liking it a lot more than mapmyrun.

This week (I know it’s nearly over) I’m due to do 3, 5, 3, 10 miles. I did 5 miles today: so-far-so-good.

Should I be concerned that it’s only a month til the half?

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Half training week 6

We’re halfway through our half- training plan!


I had an epic run today – our running group was scheduled to do 8 miles today (12.9km) – and I ran home from the end of the run too – giving me a total of 15.2km (9.4 miles) in 1:36:04 at 6:19/km pace. Plus of course I ran to the meet point (another 1.4 miles/2.4km) as well but didn’t have my Garmin….  so in fact I ran nearly 11 miles (nearly 18km).  Remind me, how long is a half marathon again? 🙂

Needless to say I really felt it in my legs, and that’s the whole point of the long runs I guess. I feel that I have the aerobic fitness to run a half marathon but whether my legs can survive is the question.  Main aches were in my (previously injured) right ankle, both thighs, and I got a small blister on one of my toes.  Could be worse. I was amused to see Garmin tell me I had burned 943 calories on the run – that’s nearly half my supposed daily intake!  Mmmmm excuse to eat food.

The weather today was perfect – overcast and a bit cold – and so the Minuteman trail was basically empty.  Check out how the hill on this run works: uphill on the way out, and downhill on the way back.  The way things should be.

Minuteman trail hill. From Mapmyrun
Minuteman trail hill. From Mapmyrun.

Rest of the week

Because of the 5 mile race last week I only ran on Tuesday and Thursday – 6.77km (4 miles) each.  Both runs were with Helen and we did each in just under 42 mins (for a pace of about 6:10/km).

Next week I’m working so I’m anticipating it’s going to be hard to fit things in. I have to do 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, 5 miles on Wednesday and 9 miles on Saturday.  We’ll see.  There may have to be treadmill action which will make me sad.

PS very excited about the Boston Marathon on Monday but sadly I won’t be able to watch it in person or even live on the TV because I’ll be at work.  Grr 😦

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Half training week 5

Very excited about my 5 mile race tomorrow (The Cambridge City Run)- the forecast for race time is “partly cloudy and 49F” (about 9.5C). That’s not quite shorts weather in my book but should be just right for racing.

Cambridge City Run - tomorrow!
Cambridge City Run – tomorrow!

I’ve been good this week and managed to keep to my training schedule – here’s what I did:


Distance: 5.3km

Time: 29.56

Pace: 5.38

Wednesday  (some kind of PR – not exactly sure what Mapmyrun is trying to tell me)

Distance: 6.58km

Time: 36.15

Pace: 5.30

Thursday (with running buddy Helen)

Distance: 5.9km

Time: 35.56

Pace: 6.05

Next week, all being well, I’m aiming for the same again with perhaps with an 8 mile long run at the weekend.