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Half training – Week 4: Wednesday/Good Friday

An eclectic post today – training update; March sunrise and hot cross buns!


Wednesday: As promised, I did 6.6km in 37:56 for a pace of 5:46… took it a bit easy but I’m not used to running consecutive days so I didn’t want to push it!

Friday: 5.1km in 30.22 at a pace of 5.55.  Gearing up for a 7 mile (11.3km) group run tomorrow morning!

Also: crocuses! (yes, hopeless picture I know – I was using my old old phone).

First spring crocuses.
First spring crocuses.

March Sunrise

I realised nearly too late I hadn’t seen the sunrise this month (as per 2013 Resolutions), so I set my alarm for 6.30am and got up to see this:

Sunrise for March - 6.40am.
Sunrise for March – 6.40am.

Good Friday

So I’ve come to discover that in the US they don’t really celebrate Easter like in the UK or Australia.  There are plenty of Easter eggs/chocolate to be sure, and plenty of religious things going on… but no public holidays on Friday or Monday and no hot cross buns!  This is a problem.

However, there is a “chic” (i.e. overpriced but REALLY good) deli type place in Cambridge called Formaggio Kitchen where I managed to find these ($2.50 each!):

Hot Cross Buns... made with icing?
Hot Cross Buns… made with icing?

They don’t look or feel as they should exactly…but I’m not going to complain! We’ll try them tomorrow.


Do you know of anywhere that sells real Hot Cross Buns in Boston?

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Half training: Week 4 – Tuesday

We are back!

I’ll post some photos of lovely Australia soon, but suffice to say we had a great trip.  It was so hot and sunny I was running in shorts.

But now we’re back in Boston and I’m pleased to announce the start of spring.  I saw crocuses and snowdrops (probably some American version – they didn’t look quite right to me) and the snow has basically melted. Yay!

My training plan called for a 3 mile run today. In real money that’s 4.8km. Since that’s not very far for me these days I just did one of my usual routes of approximately that distance.  When I finished it turned out to be 6km (3.8 miles) – oops. Here’s the data:

Distance: 6.1km
Time: 33:16
Pace: 5.27

VERY happy with that.

Here are my km splits:

1. 5:40
2. 5:26
3. 5:26
4. 5:23
5. 5:21
6. 5:22

Tomorrow – 4 miles at half-marathon pace. Translation: 6.4km at a pace of 5.41 (to finish the half in 2 hours – using Runner’s World Pace calculator).

Has spring arrived where you are?