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Running Update

Gratuitous Fall image - Public Gardens, Boston
Gratuitous Fall image – Public Gardens, Boston

Keen observers among you will note that I haven’t posted any training updates since late July.  Also, that I haven’t commented on the Tufts Women’s 10k race on Columbus Day or the Mount Desert Island Marathon I was due to be running today.

Well, let me explain. Half way through my marathon training – just as I bought my lovely new shoes – the pain in my arch became such that I had to go to the doctor. This being America, however, I first had to diagnose myself – with Plantar Fasciitis (not hard to do) – and also decide that I would need a referral to a physio if I was going to run the marathon.  So I duly informed my doctor’s student doctor of this and paid the $20 fee for the privilege (as my BFF said – wouldn’t it be simpler to have a vending machine for this kind of thing?).

The physio (let’s change that to “PT” since we’re in the US), agreed that my foot was stuffed and that I shouldn’t be running and to basically forget the whole thing about doing any more running this summer/fall.  This was extremely annoying of course, but she was right.  I was given loads of hip strengthening exercises, and have got some soft arch supports for my shoes.

I’ve now been to the PT a bunch of times, and my foot is improving steadily.  I’ve got back into running with the Jeff Galloway run/walk sort-of method.  I’m running 3 minutes, walking 1 minute, unless I feel ok, then I run though the walk. I ran/walked to work and home a few times last week and I did six miles yesterday in 1h 4m, which is basically the same time as I ran the Tufts 10k in 2012. That was also the longest run I’ve done in three months.  My foot is pretty damn sore today but I’m optimistic.  As an aside this morning I’ve woken up with no voice.  Run related? Or, working-at-the-museum-on-Colombus-Day-last-week-and-picking-up-10-billion-germs-from-everyone related?

Needless to say I’m not signing up for any more races until the day before, and I’m putting off any serious training til I’m 100%.

Happy running to those who can!

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New shoes and marathon training plan

There’s nothing like new shoes to breathe life into your training.  Meet the new girls:

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9: blue.
Mizuno Wave Inspire 9: blue.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9: $115 from Marathon Sports, Cambridge, MA.

In contrast to my old pair (Mizuno Wave Precision 13) these are more … blue.  More technically, the new shoes have some different features on the sole – they certainly feel a bit different to wear; I most notice it as different pressure points on my sole.  Hopefully this is a Good Thing.

Wave Precision 13 on the left, Wave Inspire 9 on the right.
Wave Precision 13 on the left, Wave Inspire 9 on the right.

Also I’ve gone half a size up (8.5!) for some reason – but let’s face it, more space in the toe can’t be a bad thing.  I did try on a pair of Brooks and they were really nice too, but there was something strange going on at the front (it felt like the shoe stopped before my toes did?).  So I decided to stick with what I know.

Training Plan

My training plan for the Marathon in October is the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan.  The equivalent half-marathon plan worked for me so again, I’m sticking with what I know.  (PS sticking with what I know is highly unusual for me in general).  Tomorrow I finish week 6 (of 18) and it’s going pretty well so far:

T = treadmill, J = run with husband, I = injury. The numbers are my average pace.

I’ve skipped a 3 mile run this week because my left arch is giving me trouble, but I’m going to go out tomorrow for 9 miles.  I also haven’t done any cross training. Is that bad?

The weather has been disgusting recently (warning: normal East Coast USA whinge about humidity follows): when you come home from a run when it was “only” 78F, stand under the A/C vent for 10 minutes and you’re still dripping with sweat afterwards, you are entitled to think it’s a bit warm for running. Just saying.

While we’re talking about the heat can I just point something out regarding running etiquette?  Boys, I’m looking at you: personally, when I pass someone who is going slower than me I do a 10 second pick-up to dash past them and get well in front.  On my last long run (74F and 78% humidity), on several occasions, men, mostly of a certain age, came slowly puffing past me, basically rubbing elbows with me, flicking great globs of sweat and snot in my direction.  DISGUSTING, BOYS.   Please leave a wide birth when passing, and, get on with it!

On Thursday I ran in the rain, and it was great: aside from getting soaked and my ponytail looking like a rats nest by the end, obviously.  Pace of 8.41 over 6 miles.

Speaking of pace, I should mention my goal(s) for the marathon:

1. get to the start line (i.e. don’t get injured in training), and

2. finish in 4hrs or less.

The other day I read about this website which, I’m sure among many other things, tells you your likely finish times for different distances based on a previous race time.  So I put in my half-marathon time and discovered it predicts a 4:07 marathon for me.

From McMillan Running Calculator
From McMillan Running Calculator – click to make bigger!

So I have some work to do. Luckily I have my Sweaty Band to help me go faster.  And of course, new shoes.  Which I’ve just realized are in Boston colors.  Duh.

Sweaty Band keeping Boston Strong.
Sweaty Bands keeping Boston Strong.

See you out there!

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Marathon entered!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently…..

Briefly, I’ve decided to join the ranks of crazy runners everywhere and enter a marathon!

It’s the Mount Desert Island Marathon, Bar Harbor, Maine, on 20th October 2013.  I was actually in Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park last year on the day of the marathon.  The fall foliage was so amazing and will be just what’s needed to distract myself from the pain of running 26.2 miles like a crazy person.

Training updates to follow!

Acadia National Park - Fall 2012
Acadia National Park – Fall 2012