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2015 Rose Parade

This morning, New Year’s Day 2015, we got up bright and early and walked to Colorado Blvd to see the 2015 Rose Parade.  Thanks to an invitation from a friend (thanks Bob!) we had a prime spot – with luxuries such as coffee and chairs.

As the amazing floats and oh-so-coordinated marching bands rolled past I took approximately a million photos and many many minutes of video. I have attempted to distil these down to a more manageable amount, and since I’m trying to be timely, let’s begin!

[Please note: I own all the images and video in this post.]

As we walked to Colorado at 8am the 210 freeway was the emptiest we have ever seen it.


There were many places offering paid parking. Prices varied.

Lots people had camped out overnight and things had gotten a little messy.

The parade theme was ‘Inspiring stories’.


There were many excellent floats, all decorated in natural materials only.

There were also many excellent marching bands.

And quite a few groups on horseback (but I only have one photo somehow) … which meant plenty of work for the white-suited girls and boys with the shovels.



Once the parade was over, traffic in the surrounding streets was at a standstill.

And the 210 was jammed as everyone in the world headed to the Rose Bowl for The Game.


And here’s the video:


Question: Inspired?  Want to go with me next year? 🙂



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