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Six Months in Pasadena: checklist check

It’s been just over six months since we landed in LA, bleary eyed, trying not to get annoyed at our immigration officer.  I’ve had an absolute ball over the last half a year.  I love the weather, I love Pasadena, I love our house, and I’ve even made a friend or two.

Pasadena City Hall
Pasadena City Hall

We had a big ‘to do’ list when we arrived and now it’s time to see how we got on:

1. pack up our apartment & 2. say goodbye to everyone – done

Post: California Adventure Begins

In the cactus garden at the Huntington Gardens.
In the cactus garden at the Huntington Gardens.

3. apply for new visas & 4. fly to London to have an interview for said visas – done

Post: Getting an E-3 Visa

London: gotta go see where Sherlock’s filmed!

5. get at least one car – done

Post: Driving in LA


6. find somewhere to live (preferably to buy – so add to the list ‘buy a house’) – so done

Post: Buying a house in Pasadena

Post: Buying a house in Pasadena – part 2

Post: new house interesting mail


7. I have to get a job – not done

So far I’ve put in 14 applications, investigated 3 promising leads, and had one interview.


Aside from the above, in the past six months we’ve also done the following:


  • lived in a hotel for two months [Post: Living at the Residence Inn],
  • moved into our new house, and
  • taken delivery of our storage locker from Australia,
  • and had four separate sets of friends and family to stay at our house.
  • Plus our house was filmed for a TV program! (Battle Creek)
  • We’ve also installed an over-the-range microwave oven [Post: First DIY] and,
  • we (including Dad – thanks Dad!) have made some progress in the garden, [Post: Getting dirty in the garden].

Being tourists:

  • We’ve been to see Griffith Observatory [Post: Griffith Observatory],
  • the Space Shuttle Endeavour (me – four times!),
  • and Mt Wilson Observatory for a viewing night. [Post: Observing Night at Mt Wilson]
  • I also went on a tour of JPL.
  • We’ve been on a road trip to San Francisco [Posts: Pasadena-Berkeley Roadtrip, Sequoia National Park in a Day],
  • and I’ve been on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas [Posts: Roadtrip Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]
  • We’ve been to Huntington Gardens (several times) and the LA Arboretum, and
  • to Beverley Hills and Santa Monica.
  • With Dad, I’ve been to the Hollywood walk of fame (yuck!),
  • to Santa Anita Races,
  • walked along Broadway in Downtown,
  • and taken city skyline photos (with my phone) from various places.

Becoming locals:

For the next six months my plan is:

1. Get a job, or,

2. have a brilliant idea to make a million bucks.

That is all.


Question: What else should we do in LA?



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2 thoughts on “Six Months in Pasadena: checklist check

  1. I’ve always ended up doing the tourist things in LA (not worth a mention) but one of the more enjoyable bars was Tiki Ti on Sunset Blvd (Los Feliz area). It’s incredibly kitsch and seems to have mostly locals. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend a day trip to San Diego and La Jolla. If you like swimming, the ocean currents are warm, so you don’t need a wetsuit and there’s lots of other attractions in this very pretty town.


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