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Road test addendum – rebate form

Putting the throwaway line at the end of my last post about how I was expecting my license in the mail any day turned out to be a mistake.

When my new license hadn’t arrived after more than a week I called them (numbers here) to find out what was going on. I was impressed to find the RMV has a call-back system – so I just left my number and they called back an hour later (when it was my turn).

I explained the situation to the very nice lady, who told me that I had been marked as a ‘no-show’ for my first road test – the one where it was snowing but I went anyway and they told me to go home? Yeah, that one. So, contrary to information from Watertown RMV, I was charged for that test. The lady told me would have to pay $20 in order to get my license. Aside from the fact this was bullsh*t, I asked if I could pay over the phone or online. Answer: no. I would have to go to the branch.

So the next day I went to Watertown on the bus.

I got a ticket first then had the excellent fortune to run into the examiner who had done my test. I put on my best ‘damsel on distress’ face (hard, given how apoplectically angry I was about the whole situation) and explained my problem. I was gratified that his reaction was an explosive er, expression, that mirrored my own. Without any prompting he told me to wait while he went and talked to some people.

When he came back we had a great conversation and he explained that what the computer did can’t be undone, so I would have to pay the $20 — but that I should ask for a rebate form to claim my money back. He agreed that $20 isn’t the end of the world, but it’s still money. He said to come see him with the form when I got it.

So I waited for a hour while the queue moved nowhere (there was an at least 30 minute period where no one was serving licenses), then my number was called.

The girl who served me was the model of surliness and put on her best confused face when I asked for the form, interrupting me to say, ‘I don’t need to hear the story’. She eventually relented, however, and handed it over. I paid the $20 and went to look for my new best friend.

Unfortunately he wasn’t there, out on a test I guess. I’ve written the form and posted it, and I’m saving writing my letter of complaint until I get, or don’t get, the rebate check.  Fingers crossed my license arrives soon!

The rebate form is available here.



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