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First track workout

This Saturday I braved the snowy outdoor track at Harvard to start off my training for who-knows-what using the FIRST (‘Run Less, Run Faster’) method.

Before you even think about training for something, it recommends finding out your 5km time either under race conditions or by averaging the time (+15s) for each of 3 x 1600m runs in a row. It also recommends spending a couple of weeks building up to this workout if you haven’t done track work before.

So, my workout this weekend was (warm up then) 4x800m with 400m jog in between. I tried to maintain a constant pace over each of the 800m but failed pretty miserably. Your time is only supposed to be a couple of seconds different for each rep.

1. 3:47
2. 4:17
3. 4:06
4. 4:19

for an average of 4:07. I’m pretty sore 24hrs later so it must’ve been a good workout. One thing I’m sad about is that when I was 11 I could run 800m in 3:30…


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