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Resolutions Update: October

It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these. As an aside, how exactly is it October already?

Boston skyline from the Arnold Arboretum
Boston skyline from the Arnold Arboretum

Here’s my 2013 Resolutions update:

Completed: Earn $3760

Yes, this one was smashed quite a few months ago – in fact I’ve earned around $7k this year as a teacher.  What made me sad was when I realized that in 6 months of teaching I’d earned the same as one month of work in my old job. SIGH.

Of course, now the summer’s over the teaching work has dried up a bit, so instead I’ve taken up two (unpaid) internships at the Museum of Science!

Still in progress: Buy some shares

I’ve hit a few roadblocks here.  One, my nice list and all my research into what shares to buy was lost during a backup sync (stupid OneNote, grr); Two, there are logistical reasons why buying shares in the country in which you are not resident for tax purposes is awkward; Three, it’s too boring to look into.  So, I don’t know what’s going to happen here.

Still in progress: Write a newspaper article, a short story and a book outline

I have several half-formed ideas for book outline (non-fiction mostly), I’m working on a short story or ten from my travels as a teenager (coming soon to this blog!). And the newspaper article – well, I need to think about that some more.

Still in progress: Make a website/blog for me

Yes, sporadic updates are made, but no real audience has been identified.  Travel posts attract the most attention, followed by running posts. ESL posts attract almost zero attention.  I’ll continue to work on it – and I’ll continue to post on travel and running and other things as inspiration hits me.

Likely abandoned: Get a US driver’s license

My husband got his, but there’s really no reason for me to get one, so the motivation has gone.  We’ll see, it could still happen I suppose.

Abandoned: See at least one sunrise per month

Yep, the summer months and working made it extra hard for me to be motivated to get up for the extra-early sunrises.  I know, lame.


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