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Running Update

Gratuitous Fall image - Public Gardens, Boston
Gratuitous Fall image – Public Gardens, Boston

Keen observers among you will note that I haven’t posted any training updates since late July.  Also, that I haven’t commented on the Tufts Women’s 10k race on Columbus Day or the Mount Desert Island Marathon I was due to be running today.

Well, let me explain. Half way through my marathon training – just as I bought my lovely new shoes – the pain in my arch became such that I had to go to the doctor. This being America, however, I first had to diagnose myself – with Plantar Fasciitis (not hard to do) – and also decide that I would need a referral to a physio if I was going to run the marathon.  So I duly informed my doctor’s student doctor of this and paid the $20 fee for the privilege (as my BFF said – wouldn’t it be simpler to have a vending machine for this kind of thing?).

The physio (let’s change that to “PT” since we’re in the US), agreed that my foot was stuffed and that I shouldn’t be running and to basically forget the whole thing about doing any more running this summer/fall.  This was extremely annoying of course, but she was right.  I was given loads of hip strengthening exercises, and have got some soft arch supports for my shoes.

I’ve now been to the PT a bunch of times, and my foot is improving steadily.  I’ve got back into running with the Jeff Galloway run/walk sort-of method.  I’m running 3 minutes, walking 1 minute, unless I feel ok, then I run though the walk. I ran/walked to work and home a few times last week and I did six miles yesterday in 1h 4m, which is basically the same time as I ran the Tufts 10k in 2012. That was also the longest run I’ve done in three months.  My foot is pretty damn sore today but I’m optimistic.  As an aside this morning I’ve woken up with no voice.  Run related? Or, working-at-the-museum-on-Colombus-Day-last-week-and-picking-up-10-billion-germs-from-everyone related?

Needless to say I’m not signing up for any more races until the day before, and I’m putting off any serious training til I’m 100%.

Happy running to those who can!


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