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Dead Sea Scrolls at the Museum of Science

On Tuesday, bestest buddy and soon to be leaving Boston (sob!) Helen, and I went to the Museum of Science to (a) cross it off Helen’s Boston bucket list and (b) make use of the annual membership I was given for volunteering there for a year.  Love free stuff!

Museum of Science, Boston.
Museum of Science, Boston.

We decided to go in the afternoon because I know from experience that mornings are completely crazy with school groups.  So we met at 1.45pm and went straight into the Lightning show.  This is indeed, as advertized, very bright and very loud but the kids in the audience were really into it, and it contained good material for adults – for example, why does being inside a car protect you from lightning?  Hint – it’s not the tires!

MoS Presenter at the Lightning Show.
MoS Presenter at the Lightning Show.
Sparks from the Van De Graff generator!
Sparks from the Van De Graaff generator!

Then we moved onto the main attraction for the afternoon – the “Dead Sea Scrolls – Life in Ancient Times” exhibit.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see fragments of the priceless Dead Sea Scrolls and a collection of antiquities from Israel!

Fortunately again I had free tickets (full price $32 per head – ouch!). The exhibit was quite amazing – once we got past the detailed history of the region and saw the millions of broken pots.  I know it’s very interesting and everything, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t absorb the information in this first part.

Lots of pottery.
Lots of pottery.

However, once we got into the area where the scroll fragments were on show everything was suddenly so much better.  We learned that the scrolls were discovered in the 1940s and then treated very casually by the scientists working on them (selotape anyone?).

The exhibit also had an interesting feature on the Wailing Wall.  An apparently real piece of the wall was on show, alongside a replica of a larger piece.  People were invited to write messages on slips of paper and put them into the wall, just like at the real thing.  The messages, the Museum said, would be taken to the actual wall.  There was also a live feed of the Wailing Wall on a big TV.

It was all pretty impressive stuff.

After we had tired ourselves out with all this learning we headed for coffee (discount again – yay!). Selfie time!

I'll miss you Helen!
I’ll miss you Helen!

Then we lay on a bed of nails and didn’t die (check out the new Conserve @ Home exhibit). Bonus.

I realise I’m biased, but I think the Museum is an excellent place to visit in Boston, and the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit is incredible.  Go there. Now.


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