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Resolutions update – May

Here’s a late May update on a few things:

Run a half-marathon

Oh yeah – it’s done!  And in under two hours (1:57:17).  Full race recap here.


Earn $3760

Got paid for April: $802, which leaves me with $3132-$802= $2330 to earn.  I’ve had a fair bit of work this month so with any luck I’ll be another $1500 closer in a few days!


Make a website/blog for me

So I was going pretty well with this, but then I got too busy to blog.  At least I got too busy to put it ahead of running, sleeping, doing the housework etc.  Need to work on the frequency of posts.

Get a US Driver’s license

I’ve persuaded my friend Julia to lend her person as “MA licensed driver with 1 years experience”, we believe we can use a Zipcar in the test, so now we just need to do some practice, and then do the test. I doubt this is going to happen in the near future.

See at least 1 sunrise per month

Failed for April, but technically I was up before sunrise on 26th May for my half-marathon.  There wasn’t much in the way of sun though…

May 'sunrise'
May ‘sunrise’

Buy some shares

I looked into my late grandfather’s share portfolio for some ideas and honestly, it’s not great: at least it’s not ‘ethically’ great. It’s all oil and defense technology companies.  I think I’ll look further.  As for the actual process of buying shares, I’m looking into Barclays Stockbrokers to see how they work.

And for June:

Keep working to earn money, go to the Boston Pops, plan a trip to NYC and work on some writing.


Travel, photography, blogging, being an expat. And that's just in my spare time.

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