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Half training week 7

Last week was a bit of a wash-out for obvious reasons.  I was also given some new classes last week so I’ve been at work every day (but let’s face it, hardly “full-time”).

Anyway, I was supposed to do 3 ,5, 3, 9 miles this week and I nearly managed it. Here’s how it panned out:


5 miles (8 km) : 47.08 : 5.52 min/km

I felt extremely leaden doing this run.  Diagnosis: not enough water during the week, and not enough sleep (at least compared to my lady-of-leisure levels of sleep!).


4.31km : 25.01 : 5.48 min/km

Ooops, picked a route that wasn’t quite 5km…!


9 miles (14.6km) : 1:25:45 : 5.51 min/km

I was quite happy with the pace on this run but my legs were pretty sore at the end!  I trialled two new things on this run – sunglasses and shot bloks – both obtained from City Sports.

My new purchases!
My new purchases!

The sunnies worked extremely well – they are very light and there was no sliding, no soreness – just perfect.  Excellent result for $25.

I’ve never tried any running fuel before but I figured since I was running for more than an hour I should probably look into it.  The good news is Shot Bloks are cheap ($2 each?), tasty and light.  But they do say “always follow consumption with water” – and unfortunately the MinuteMan trail seems to be completely devoid of water fountains (bubblers in Boston-speak).  Grr.  So I just bit off small portions and sucked them. I used 2 bloks (as opposed to the recommended 3-6) on the run and they seemed to work ok but I think I’ll continue to experiment.  The half marathon supplies GU apparently.

In other running news I signed up for Garmin Connect on Lockdown Friday (as I couldn’t go out for a run).  I haven’t begun to explore all the features of this site but so far I’m liking it a lot more than mapmyrun.

This week (I know it’s nearly over) I’m due to do 3, 5, 3, 10 miles. I did 5 miles today: so-far-so-good.

Should I be concerned that it’s only a month til the half?


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