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Half training week 6

We’re halfway through our half- training plan!


I had an epic run today – our running group was scheduled to do 8 miles today (12.9km) – and I ran home from the end of the run too – giving me a total of 15.2km (9.4 miles) in 1:36:04 at 6:19/km pace. Plus of course I ran to the meet point (another 1.4 miles/2.4km) as well but didn’t have my Garmin….  so in fact I ran nearly 11 miles (nearly 18km).  Remind me, how long is a half marathon again? 🙂

Needless to say I really felt it in my legs, and that’s the whole point of the long runs I guess. I feel that I have the aerobic fitness to run a half marathon but whether my legs can survive is the question.  Main aches were in my (previously injured) right ankle, both thighs, and I got a small blister on one of my toes.  Could be worse. I was amused to see Garmin tell me I had burned 943 calories on the run – that’s nearly half my supposed daily intake!  Mmmmm excuse to eat food.

The weather today was perfect – overcast and a bit cold – and so the Minuteman trail was basically empty.  Check out how the hill on this run works: uphill on the way out, and downhill on the way back.  The way things should be.

Minuteman trail hill. From Mapmyrun
Minuteman trail hill. From Mapmyrun.

Rest of the week

Because of the 5 mile race last week I only ran on Tuesday and Thursday – 6.77km (4 miles) each.  Both runs were with Helen and we did each in just under 42 mins (for a pace of about 6:10/km).

Next week I’m working so I’m anticipating it’s going to be hard to fit things in. I have to do 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, 5 miles on Wednesday and 9 miles on Saturday.  We’ll see.  There may have to be treadmill action which will make me sad.

PS very excited about the Boston Marathon on Monday but sadly I won’t be able to watch it in person or even live on the TV because I’ll be at work.  Grr 😦


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