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Restaurant Review – Grafton St, Cambridge

Grafton Street is our go-to restaurant/bar in Harvard Square.  Good food, quick service (ha!), nice drinks, reasonable prices and it’s possible to hear yourselves in conversation. This was our experience on Saturday, April 6, 2013:

I don’t know what it was about this evening but there were a lot of people on the streets.

The first place we tried – Border Cafe – told us it would be an hours wait.  Screw that, we thought.

So we went to our usual haunt – Grafton Street – which was packed – but were were told 45 minutes for a table.  No problem.  We got a bottle of wine and split it between the six of us.  We stood in a huddle near the open front (in April – why??) and waited as more and more people poured in.  After half an hour one of our party left.

After an hour of waiting we checked in with the front desk again – you haven’t forgotten about us?  No, I’m sure it will be soon – or some such platitudes.

An hour and a half in – any movement?  They’ve been given the check we’re told.  Ok.  We’ll get another bottle of wine then.

Two hours in I plead with them – can’t you move them along? Are we next on the list? and so on.  More platitudes.

Two hours and 20 minutes in, Geoff goes to the front desk.  Now Geoff is a kind and gentle Canadian, but he’s a tall guy.

“You have 10 minutes to seat us or we’re leaving”.

Eight minutes later we have a table, two complementary bottles of (not their cheapest) wine, a free starter to share and as much bread as we can eat.  Minutes later – perhaps only 15 – our mains (entreés) arrive.  We’re placated (or was that just the wine talking?).

Grafton Street saved itself some customers this night, but next time we’ll think twice about walking in without a reservation.


You can read other people’s reviews of Grafton Street on Yelp.


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