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Cambridge City Run 5 miler

The Cambridge City Run was this morning — and so much for “49F and partly cloudy” – it was absolutely freezing with a howling wind.

Gathering at the start
Gathering at the start – see the guy in the big coat??  That’s how cold it was.
At the off - check out how much that tree is blowing sideways!
At the off – check out the wind!

We kicked off at just before 10.30am and I was swept along with the crowd. I ran pretty hard – I was racing – but I was actually pretty concerned when after the first km my pace was 5.19/km.  One kid fell before the first mile was even over – tripped on a curb – but he got up pretty quickly.  The race was held around Fresh Pond which I where I often run, so luckily I knew most of the hills/bumps/dodgy paths and so on.  I noticed my pace for the first 4km but then the next time I looked I’d just finished 7km! Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose.

It seemed there was a lot of young people (teenagers?) in the race – some of whom had obviously no idea of race etiquette. I even had to tell one kid off for repeatedly overtaking me and then running across my path.  The path around Fresh Pond wasn’t closed so all 800 of us had to contend with the usual array of walkers, dogs and kids on bicycles, PLUS the 3 mile walkers.  It was pretty hopeless.

Finally to cap it all off there was a murderous hill at the start of mile 4, with the added bonus of a queue of stationary traffic alongside the route, all stinking fumes. Getting up that last hill really took it out of me but I had enough in the tank to “sprint” the last 200m or so.  I came in at number 23 in my division which I thought was quite good!  Here’s the official result:


My Garmin said:

Distance: 8.03km; Pace: 5.12/km

Also as part of that race I set some new personal PRs:

Fastest km: 5.03

Fastest mile: 8.12

Fastest 5km: 25.56

So, all in all, a good morning’s effort!

At the finish.
At the finish.



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