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Half training week 5

Very excited about my 5 mile race tomorrow (The Cambridge City Run)- the forecast for race time is “partly cloudy and 49F” (about 9.5C). That’s not quite shorts weather in my book but should be just right for racing.

Cambridge City Run - tomorrow!
Cambridge City Run – tomorrow!

I’ve been good this week and managed to keep to my training schedule – here’s what I did:


Distance: 5.3km

Time: 29.56

Pace: 5.38

Wednesday  (some kind of PR – not exactly sure what Mapmyrun is trying to tell me)

Distance: 6.58km

Time: 36.15

Pace: 5.30

Thursday (with running buddy Helen)

Distance: 5.9km

Time: 35.56

Pace: 6.05

Next week, all being well, I’m aiming for the same again with perhaps with an 8 mile long run at the weekend.


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