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Half marathon training plan

Right, so we’ve entered the half-marathon on May 26th.

At the weekend Hélène and I ran just over 10km at a 5:53 average pace. Woot!  This makes half-marathon planning seem so much more realistic for me. I’m happy to say that a day later my legs still work so we obviously didn’t overdo it either.

Here’s our run:


So now to the training plan…. I’m going to be traveling for the next 4 weeks so trying to follow any training plan will be pointless during this time… what it does mean however is that by the time I’m back (week beginning March 25th) I’ll need to be ready to start week 4 of the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan.

So my aim for the next four weeks is to run 4 times a week:

(1) do two 5km runs,

(2) do one 6.5km run, or one 5km at pace (perhaps 5:45?),

(3) do one 10km run.

Knowing what it’s like traveling this is probably  bit optimistic. For example I know for a fact I won’t be able to do it this coming week!

Oh well, at least we’ll be somewhere warm…… oh yes, we’re going to Australia! 😀

Australia - love it!
Australia – love it!



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