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Half-marathon entered

I’ve finally signed up for a half-marathon!  We’re going to do Boston’s Run to Remember on May 26, 2013.

This leaves 94 days, or just over three months, or 13 weeks, to train.

How far is a half-marathon again?  21.1km.  And how long will it take me to run it?  Using Runner’s World Race Times Predictor calculator, and entering 1hr for 10km, a pace I know I can do, I get:

Predicted time: 2:12:23.


Happily in the past week I’ve done three runs – two over 7km each.  It’s been pretty darn cold here – and running in snow presents its challenges (namely hidden ice).

This was our run on Monday:


Luckily the path at Fresh Pond was mostly cleared:


So we now just need a training plan…

Hélène found the Hal Higdon Training Programs.  It looks like I will go for the Novice 2 program.  It takes 12 weeks and this is what it looks like:


I’m going to convert these distances to kilometers, add some dates, and see if there are any 5km or 10km races in Boston at the right time.

Bring it on!


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