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Return to running

Got back into running this week and it was GOOD!

I went to the gym and used the treadmill on Tuesday – ran 2.65 miles in 30 minutes.  I know – this is slow – but I hadn’t run in almost 6 weeks and I wasn’t sure I could still do it!

For the first time ever I listened to music while I ran.  That was awesome too.  Mind you, I would only do this on a treadmill, not out in the real world.

And then, today, I went for a run outside, since the snow was only a foot deep and the sun was shining. I did 4.97km in 31m43s for an average pace of 6m22s/km.  I did the middle three km in 6.12 6.17 and 6.15 so I don’t feel so bad.  It is a far cry from my best times late last year  – Christmas Day in fact – when I ran 5.4km in 28m01s for a pace of 5.11.  At least I know it’s possible!

I’m aiming to get back into running 4 days a week: 3 @ 30 mins and one long run – building up by perhaps 10 mins per week from 30 mins.  When I can run for an hour again (hey, it might happen this weekend, you never know) then I’ll start thinking about the half-marathon.

The day after the snowpocalypse. It;'s now just slightly less snowy.
The day after the snowpocalypse. It’s now just slightly less snowy.


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