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Half-Marathon Plans – running history

One of my resolutions this year is to run a half-marathon.  I am currently sitting at home with the flu, having not run for a week, and I’m finding it quite hard to think about doing serious training. So, while I’m laid-up and my new Garmin (yay!) is not being used, let me describe my year of running in 2012.

First, some ancient history: I ran when I was much younger – in fact when I was 11 I ran (and won) a three-mile race faster than I could run it these days.  It’s in the family too: my father used to run (three marathons) and my aunt still runs and wins various distances at age (very nearly) 60.  I stopped running during high school and never really did it again.

In January 2012 my desire to start running again became so great that I persuaded my husband to join me in attempting the Runner’s World couch-to-5km program.  We did an 8 week program (which I think probably took us 10 weeks in the end), starting in week 1 with “run one minute, walk 90 seconds, repeat eight times”. Oh boy. Turns out I could barely run a minute!  This is despite the fact that I cycled to work and back 5 times a week.

However, we persevered and in March 2012 met our goal of  running the short-loop 5km path around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia, in about 30 minutes (note – very flat!).

Then we had a considerable break while we moved our lives from Australia to the US.  Sometime during the Boston summer I decided to enter the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women, held in October, and this gave me about 8 weeks to train. At the time I was reading “Runner’s World complete book of Women’s Running” (borrowed from the library) and decided to use the “Intermediate Training Plan”.

The beginning few weeks of the plan was this: Run 4 times a week – three times for 30 mins and the fourth time do a long run -building by 5 minutes a week from 30 mins to 60 mins.  Coincidentally the build-up to running 60 minutes matched the exact time available before the 10km.  Perfect!

So in October 2012 I ran my first race in many years and had a great time!  I had some pacing issues – I started off WAY too slowly. I think I ran the first half in 35 minutes and the second half in 29 minutes but no matter – it was fun to overtake everyone for the second half the race!

Before the start of the Tufts 10K for Women on October 8, 2012
Before the start of the Tufts 10K for Women on October 8, 2012

Place: 3041
Nettime: 1:03:40
Pace: 10:15
Divpl/Tot: 1009/1669

In the meantime I had also started running with the HSSPA Run-for-fun club (ably led by Helen – who will be one of my partners in crime for the Half – right Helen?).  Since this running group was very multicultural we decided we should do something traditionally American on Thanksgiving.  So we entered the Annual Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-miler Turkey Trot in Somerville, MA.  I ran it at a considerably faster pace than the 10km.  Mind you, I paid for it later with a flare-up of an old soccer injury to my ankle.

Place: 1201
Nettime: 36:49
Pace: 9:13
Sex/Tot: 513/1400
Div/Tot: 214/592

So here we are. Boston got cold and rainy (and snowy!) and I joined the gym so I would have no weather-related excuse not to run.  I found out rapidly that teadmills are EXTREMELY BORING, especially if you are forced to stare at a blank wall for half an hour.  So I’ve only been running on and off since Thanksgiving.

Once I’ve talked to Helen and my other partner in half-marathon plans, coincidentally called Hélène, I will reveal our plans for nailing a Half in the spring.


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4 thoughts on “Half-Marathon Plans – running history

  1. Great post! And yes – now that it’s online-official, I will most definitely be your partner in crime 🙂 In any case, I need to shed those extra Christmas pounds!


  2. I’m also a runner. Ever since I was in the Army 35 years ago. Last winter was quite mild for Cincinnati, so I ran most of the winter also. This year has been different, plus I had a foot problem. Treadmills are boring! I love trail running though.


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