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New Year’s Resolutions

Cambridge snowBriefly…here is a list I compiled on the flight back from London on December 30th:

I want to do the following things (in no particular order):

  1. Visit New York City (again)
  2. Run a half-marathon race
  3. Put a video on YouTube
  4. Earn $3760 (why? stay tuned)
  5. Make a website/blog for me
  6. Get a US driver’s license
  7. Go see the Boston Pops
  8. See at least one sunrise per month
  9. Buy some shares
  10. Write a newspaper article, a short story and a book outline.

I just realised that’s a neat 10 things.  I will explain these all in more detail soon!

I also want to:

  1. Watch the Boston Marathon
  2. Celebrate 4th July
  3. Celebrate Thanksgiving
  4. Watch the Christmas Tree lighting
  5. Celebrate New Year’s Eve.

These may seem like simple goals, but because we are transient and living in a foreign country, and also sometimes lazy, we have a tendency to say “nah, lets just stay home”.  I want to leave the house to do all of these things.

There are of course lots more things I want to do this year, but let’s keep the list realistic. I want all these ticked off by the end of the year. No excuses…!


Travel, photography, blogging, being an expat. And that's just in my spare time.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Amanda – Achieve your two top items by running in the More/fitness Women’s Half Marathon, April 14, 2013. Registration opens April 14 and it fills up fast. It’s in New York’s Central Park. Go for it! I’ve done it twice and going back this year. Can’t wait. Good luck to you!


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