2013 Resolutions

My 2013 Resolutions – in no particular order – are listed below. As expected with resolutions, some I achieved, some fell by the wayside.  And no, I’m not posting my 2014 resolutions!

General Updates: February, April, May, October.

DONE! Visit New York City (again)

We live so close and the bus only costs about $25 each way.  I have been before but my other half has not. Absolutely no excuse not to go.

Update:  Here’s my post.

DONE! Run a half-marathon race

I started running again in 2012. I used to run when I was much younger but fell out of the habit.  In 2012 I ran a 10km in 1:03:40 and a 4-miler in 36:49.  At this rate my likely time for a half-marathon is 2:20:00 (i.e. slower than the women’s world record for twice that distance….). I haven’t run further than 10km before so the half-marathon will require some training! If/when I get across the line I will decide whether to focus on 10km races or go nuts and try for a marathon.

A possible race is the Fools-Dual in Gloucester, MA on April 7th, 2013. Another is the 12th Annual BAA Half Marathon, Boston, MA on October 15th, 2013.

Update I’ve entered Boston’s Run to Remember on 26th May 2013.

Update: I’ve done it!  Race recap here.

DONE! Put a video on YouTube

If my dad can do it, so can I!

Update:  Done!

DONE! Earn $3760

Since we moved to the USA in 2012 I haven’t worked (for money that is – I’ve done plenty of volunteer work!).  Since I arrived I’ve taken a 4 week CELTA course to become a teacher of English as a second language (course cost $2500).

I spent some time in 2012 trying to find something useful to do – so I applied to business school (GMAT cost $250; application fee $250).

Because I’m not a US citizen I had to apply for a work permit (cost $380) which I didn’t use in 2012, and will have to apply for another work permit in 2013 (cost $380).

So in order to catch up to where I was when we stepped off the plane in Boston in 2012 I need to earn $2500 + $250 +$250 + $380 +$380 = $3760.

Update:  First USD earned as an ESL Teacher!

Update: done!

DONE! Make a website/blog for me

This is it – and by the end of 2013 I hope it is something I don’t mind showing to people!

Update: Yes, I’m pretty happy with the blog.  I’ve posted at least once every month and had about 2000 hits overall.  I’m making some changes to the blog in 2014, and I might even give my friends the link!

Get a US driver’s license

We got our learners permits in 2012 (despite having Australian licenses already we had to take a theory exam!).  We’ve paid in advance for our practical test and license so we better get on and do it!  The fact that I’ve not driven since April 2012, and also have never driven on the “wrong” side of the road is a minor detail.

Update: First US driving lesson completed!

Update No, this wasn’t done in 2013, but I have booked a driving test for February 2014, so fingers crossed!

DONE! Go see the Boston Pops

My husband loves classical music and we haven’t been to a concert in ages.  Another “famous” thing we have no excuse not to do.  We’ve actually already bought tickets to the opening night of Film Night with John Williams.

Update: My review is here!

See at least one sunrise per month

You don’t need me to tell you that a sunrise is a beautiful thing.

Update:  No, I didn’t do this for every month, but here’s December 2013’s anyway:

December 30, 7.24am
December 30, 7.24am

Buy some shares

This is what grown-ups do.  I want to learn how to do it.

Update: Nope, didn’t do this. I looked into it a lot, but it was just too hard (and boring). Sorry.

Write a newspaper article, a short story and a book outline

I like writing and I need to practice doing it.  I think this will be the hardest of my resolutions to fulfill but will probably be the most rewarding.

Update: First short story blogged – Sydney Morning Run!

Update: Well, so I did ok on the short story front.  I had/have an idea for a book outline but I haven’t blogged it (so does it exist? Hmm). And nothing happened with the newspaper article. So that’s a no, overall. I’m hoping to keep the formal-ish writing up however.

I also want to:

  1. Watch the Boston Marathon (in person!)  Not done…here’s what happened that week.
  2. Celebrate 4th July Done!  Here’s my post.
  3. Celebrate Thanksgiving  Nope, we were in Australia
  4. Watch the Christmas Tree lighting – Nope, we were in Australia but we did go look at the Boston tree when we got back though…
  5. Celebrate New Year’s Eve. – Nope, I was recovering from working three days in a row in the Discovery Center at the Museum of Science, and working again on the 1st January. So I was asleep by 11pm. Super lame.

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